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America Up For Sale To The Highest Bidder

First of all I would like to start out by saying I am an American born on American soil and have never left this great land. What I am about to outline in this article should enrage every single “NONwealthy, NonWhite individual” In America.  Let me first say that any given industrialized, civilized nation has three distinct populations within the labor force, First, the Ultra Wealthy, Second, the Working middle class and Third, the working poor or poorest of Americans. With that said, America just like any other Government is responsible for both the Oversight as well as certain amount of regulatory responsibility as well as collecting taxes from individuals within the Confines of American soil and provinces in order to keep it’s various programs funded and running and keep the American governments books in the black.  Thus over the past decades America has enjoyed a AAA credit rating which allows America to borrow money at a significantly lower rate up until 2010 when the Republican Controlled House of Representatives inability to come to the table with their Democratic constituents in the same House of Representatives to come up with a bipartisan way to make fair and equitable cuts to the Federal programs to bring down the national debt.  For those who don’t understand what national debt is it’s very similar to when the average working class American has to balance it’s checkbook with what’s taken in (income vs expenditures) to maintain a balanced check book register. What has happen at the Federal Government is both an explosion in population in the US and those within America not paying in their fair share of taxes in order to fund the program and services essential to keep America running like a well oiled machine. Is their room for reform and streamlining certain things, absolutely but you don’t go in with a hatchet and cut the very programs that many Americans rely on to live unless you are going to look at the tax code (the IRS regulations and structure that says who what and when and how much people pay in form of taxes.) Let me take you back say 30yrs in history when Corporate America  had what was considered an unwritten contract with the American workers which man refer to as Corporate America actually looked for and provided new job positions, companies were thriving and American’s were employed, than suddenly Corporations figured they could save money by exporting American jobs thus factories and companies began closing almost silently if you listened to the media over the last 2 decades at least until all of a Sudden it’s like a mass panic because unemployment skyrocketed when you look back and see the trend of Corporations sending those good paying to average paying jobs to places like India where the wages were significantly less, nonunion, no paid vacation and insurance like many Americans enjoyed in the height of the late 70s and early 80s. Corporations and the wealthy Elite in America over the last 30+ yrs have employed more and more people housed right in Washington DC which their sole responsibility was to provide members of Congress and the Senate with perks in the way of Donations to their campaigns, Dinners, Trips to exotic locations all in “EXCHANGE” for their support when the time come that congress was considering legislation on say banking reform for one. They exerted their immense power, met with those congressional and senatorial members they donate to to remind them of their obligation to water down or kill that particular legislation.  You see these lobbyists and Corporate CEOs and Wealthy families have personal face to face time with OUR elected officials that many of the rest of us have never even had the ability to meet. So over the decades and the aforementioned Lobbyists etc have been very successful in getting things such as the tax code to give them “loop holes” exemptions to their income that the rest of us only dream would apply to us. All in the name of the lie that was perpetrated over the generations known as “Capitalism” basically capitalism rewards those wealthy individuals and corporations for the investments they make, many at a very substantially low if any tax rate on what they make back from that investment. The last 10 yrs has given rise to even riskier investing by banks, hedge funds, mutual funds and they like and rather than using their own money, Wall Street was taking money from “PENSIONS” that had the misfortune to invest in wall Street in hopes of getting a return on their money, Places like the California Teachers Association and many other Pension funds which when Wall Street engineered their own Pseudo collapse and caused the American Tax Payer to bail them out, Those unfortunate individuals whose companies invested in those firms on Wall Street has lost virtually everything thus requiring Americans to work longer than being able to retire all while the Executives on Wall Street raked in millions in bonuses and stock options in their firms. This coupled with the tax loop holes and the IRS Tax code in it’s current state still benefits those Risk takers and penalizes the working class American, The current tax code subjects every penny of the Working middle class income to the IRS Tax table thus requiring many on the upper end of that spectrum to pay %30 tax rate while the Multimillionaires and Billionaires and Corporate loopholes not only in many occasions either pay %10 to %14 tax rate if any. Some companies after their accountants, lawyers and lobbyists got done with all their exemptions paid “ZERO) in taxes and got HUGE refund checks yet they continue to bleed American jobs overseas.  Than you have the Housing bust, All the predatory lending, coercing those who owned homes to take out home equity loans, Reverse Mortgage Loans and allowing people to buy homes that would otherwise not have qualified by the Lenders dropping %99 of the previous regulations guaranteed to prevent such a disaster than when Unemployment was cranked into full gear and Americans found themselves either unemployed or underemployed they were unable to pay their mortgages of which many of those same mortgages had clauses allowing lenders to charge outrageous fees, adjust interest rates and the like if a person was so much as a day late on their house payment. During the 2000 to 2008 deregulation of many of the above mentioned industries coupled with the rewrite of the US Bankruptcy code many Americans found themselves saddled with huge debt and with very little recourse all while Corporations escalated the bleeding of jobs causing unemployment to soar, Americans than had no other recourse than to apply for Food Stamps and other Federal Assistance  giving rise to the Huge number of Americans on Government Assistance, than 2010 roles around and Republicans retake the majority in the House of Representatives which is essentially the Check book for America. Rather than Working with House Democrats and Senate Democrats to come together for America to put America back to work they go off on a revenge style mantra bent on destroying any and all rights in America for anyone but the wealthy.  Not a single piece of Legislation honestly meant at creating jobs in America has come out of either Republican Senate or House. Congress is essentially broken.  What all this translates into is the economy is slow to come back as we all know that the working middle class are the REAL consumers in America. The working middle class spends in most cases 100% of their income to maintain what they can in their life. While the wealthy can only buy so much as they already have everything thus much of their income (cash) sits in banks or stocks or IRAs that the rest of us will never have the chance to obtain. When it sits in those accounts it does absolutely nothing for the American economy because if there are taxes on any of the stocks, bonds, IRA’s mutual funds its so minuscule it does nothing to bolster the economy. So when you see people talking about the 1% versus the 99% it has become very clear where the inequality is.

Now let me Get to the meat of this article and how I will support the title of this article.  One only needs to turn on the television or listen to the radio or read the newspapers and see how the US Supreme Court has essentially Put the UP FOR SALE sign all over America with their Citizens United decision which has allowed unprecedented amounts of undisclosed money with Zero limits to be spent in American Elections. This is where many Americans get lost in the shuffle, You see most American’s are influenced on what the see read or hear. So just like may elections in the past those running for public office buy air time to run ads on tv, radio, newspaper, flyers, twitter, facebook or wherever they think that they can get their message out.  Television ads, especially during what is considered to be prime time is not cheap and to run those ads on any kind of consistency takes large sums of cash. Not to mention all the other ways to advertise which also cost.  If any of you have had the misfortune to live in what American Politics now calls a battleground state, your Air waves on TV and radio are almost nonstop ads and your mailboxes and emails and stuffed with Political literature. Consequently since it costs so much to advertise to get your message out to Americans so that people can at the very least hear what you are about and why you are running for office, than you have the negative attacks ads which require a rebuttal to the attack ad and the cycle never stops which all translates into HUGE sums of cash required to run for public office especially National offices. Who in the United States has that kind of money to fund those candidates campaigns for office? The wealth Elite, Corporations and Wall Street for the most part. It’s these people who give Huge sums of money to campaigns which essentially drowns out the rest of us who can give out $3 to $100 dollar donations, these wealthy people give millions of dollars to the candidate they feel best matches their VALUES. They don’t give this money without getting something in return which in turn obligates that individual to looking after their donors best interest thus why most of the regulatory laws come out of congress so watered down they are ineffective, if they make it into law at all. This brings me to why Lobbyists exist in Washington DC, One of their biggest responsibilities is to keep their eyes and ears open to legislation pending which would affect the bottom line of the Corporation or Wealthy person they represent and getting exclusive time with that member of congress to ensure the outcome of that legislation benefits their employer.

So when it is said that the Average Americans voice is being drowned out that would be correct if you look at the normal legislative process. Thus is has given rise to things like Occupy Wall Street. Protests in the Capital rotundas of states like Wisconsin and Indiana and Ohio where the Average American is so tired of their elected official ignoring their voice in favor of the bottom line of the Ultra rich in America.

My Point is this that since MONEY can now be given in Unlimited Amounts and undisclosed (who that money comes from) into Our American Democracy with the SOLE intent of BUYING the ELECTION RESULTS by flooding the American Media outlets with political ads, many of which aren’t really informing the American people about the candidate and what they stand for rather they are meant to deceive and distort the truth about whichever candidate they are talking about. In the past when I was in my teens growing up if you wanted to learn about politics it was word of mouth or newspapers and now the advent of the digital age, If you really want to know the TRUTH about facts being stated, go to the source and find out for yourself. Become an informed voter. Get Involved with the Political system.  Young people, VOTE, Make your Voice known.

Finally in Closing: The 2012 election season Will decide which Path America is put on for the future. We have two Distinct choices in Presidential Candidates this year. President Obama which casing aside his race, is very much about the working middle class, rebuilding America’s reputation around the globe and Pro Equality for all Americans. Candidate Mitt Romney is a business man, he has spent his life via Bain Capital buying up and loading companies with debt, using the loopholes in the tax code to extract his companies investment in those companies they have bought up and in many cases a huge profit all the while leaving those companies to try to survive with the added debt or face bankruptcy which many have. He was a One Term Governor of Massachusetts of which he instituted a smaller version of the Federal Affordable Care Act with the Individual Mandate that everyone is so up in arms about yet he has said if he becomes president he would repeal the Affordable Care Act, isn’t that a bit of hypocrisy? Mr. Romney refuses to say anything about Immigration Reform other than undocumented workers should self deport. President Obama on the other hand did pass the Affordable Care Act which if given the time to fully implement would substantially provide coverage to millions of Americans and spread that cost over a larger pool of people rather than the uninsured running to emergency rooms racking up a bill and that hospital submitting it to the federal government for reimbursement under uncompensated care so tax payers foot the bill anyway so it only makes since to have ALL Americans Required to purchase insurance which than makes it a larger pool to spread the cost over. In reference to Immigration Reform, President Obama would work with Congress to enact Comprehensive Immigration Reform to fix our broken system.  President Obama is the first sitting US President to come out in Favor of Marriage Equality. DADT was repealed under his administration.  The Pentagon Celebrated Pride for the first time in history.  Mitt Romney would extend and expand tax breaks to his wealthy colleagues while passing the burden on to the working middle class and poor in the form of destroying Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and the US Dept. of Education, School Nutrition Program. Mitt Romney would Create a Plutocracy where President Obama is about Democracy and Equality for All.  President Obama is for Working Class America and the less fortunate, Mitt Romney is about business and making the wealthy, wealthier.  It’s a stark choice ladies and gentleman but The Republican Tea Party has shown time and time again who they back (wealthy and corporations) by denying extension of unemployment benefits unless the Bush tax cuts were extended.  The Republicans made a deal with the Democrats and President Obama that if the bipartisan budget committee could not come up with the necessary cuts needed to bring down the national debt they would agree to an automatic trigger that would cut Military spending and to a lesser extent domestic programs and the ink wasn’t even dry on the paper and The Republicans were meeting in back rooms trying to figure out how they can cut other domestic programs and defund programs to make up for the cuts the Military would sustain so the Military would lose “NO” funding but the rest of the programs would take huge hits.  Until we get the BIG MONEY out of Politics and Over turn Citizens United, It is up to EVERY AMERICAN to KNOW THE TRUTH don’t buy into fear and intimidation and the fear of going to hell if you don’t vote Republican.  Jesus didn’t chose a party he treated all equally,  Do you want Equality where all Americans pay their fair share or do you want a two class America THE ULTRA RICH AND THE ULTRA POOR, that’s your choice this fall.  Vote Republican to Expand the Wealthy individuals bank accounts or vote Democrat to have ALL Americans share in the prosperity and growth in this great Land we Love.


PS This isn’t just the Federal Election but get involved in your local, county and state elections as well as it will ultimately define how your state performs for you and your loved ones.

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